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The Vingless Family@New Jersey Read More
Just wanted to say “Thank You” to For all the information they gave me on my beautiful girl AAVA. I was somewhat hesitant and nervous to drive all the way from Sydney to pick up my AAVA, but can honestly tell you it was so worth it. AAVA has been a blessing and has kept me on my toes always happy to see me. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy I would suggest you get them from
Taylor@Idaho Read More
I just got my puppy today and I love him so much. The whole process was great and I’m happy. Thank you Compound Exotics for offering good and nicely bred hedgehogs!
Sincerely- Merry@Ohio Read More
In October I found our new puppy, Roo and Yoda, on I fell head over heels for them both when I saw them. They have been a great addition to our family. They continue to bring joy and happiness to us every day. They are very intelligent and so lovable. They love sitting on our laps. Thank you guys for helping us find the best pets in the world.
Rebeca Drozdenko@Maine Read More
I want to thank all who were involved in getting me a new Hedgehog puppy. It’s been fun and joy since i had Drey. These past years have been really sad but Drey just lightened up my life. Thanks to you all.
Peter Lym@illinois Read More
I am extremely happy with you all. My boy spike arrived in good health. The pet cargo was extremely careful and knew exactly what they were doing. Though i had some delays they were on call all through. My boy was not nervous and anxious.
Derek Olten@Miami Read More
Ever since i saw my first Hedgehog puppy at a friends, i always wanted one. Until i came across you guys. You have been very helpful in getting the best pet for me. I have allergies but following your advice, i was able to get the most beautiful puppy ever. “Rose” has been my best friend since then. She is very affectionate and well handled. Thanks.
Louie Shiley@London Read More
At first, i had some doubts due to past experiences, but with all the help and clarifications i was able to get my girl “Lilly”. Her colors and eyes are soo adorable. Each time am out with her, every passer-by wants to pet her. Gives me soo much joy.
Christinia Hanton@New York Read More
When my husband got me “Bella” on our anniversary i was shocked at what she looked like. Not in my wildest dream would i have ever imagined such a beautiful-looking puppy. It’s been soo much joy. Thanks for helping my husband get the best love after him for me.
Hugo Hanton@New York Read More
My wife has been extremely happy with her new love “Bella” i feel so happy she has a second love after me now. At least i can take a break lol. i am sure she gave you guys a review lol.
Jerold Lacsamana@Houston Read More
It’s been very depressing since the pandemic started, being alone all this while i really needed a companion and “flexxi came at the right time to ease my depression. He has been the best thing that happened to me this year.
Nikki Snelgrove@Phoenix Read More
My boyfriend and i broke up and he stole my cat with him, ever since been looking for the perfect puppy to replace him. I just received “Rita” and she was healthy after the vet checked her up, she was free from any health issues. She is very adorable, i will be sharing pictures with you guys, Thanks.
Benton Winkowski@Warsaw Read More
Was worried about flying a puppy over long distances, all the way to Poland. The pet cargo was so helpful as my country has soo many restrictions in bringing in young hedgehogs. Thank you for all the help and assurance. I am happy.
Rozanne Lovig@Denver Read More
When i visit your home back when you were in Denver, the way you took care of your hedgehogs always gave me joy. The manner in which you dedicate your time, love and joy in taking care of them. I will be visiting your new home in a few months.
Zachery Henline@San Diego Read More
I am soo lucky i found your home, My boy “maylin” is the sweetest boy i ever had. I had tons of help setting up my home for him, getting toys, food and the rest. Thank you very much for the help.
Rosalee Broady@San Antonio Read More
Hi just letting you guys know how “Fiona” is doing, she is settling in very well, she is loved by all my kids and she loves playing around. Thanks for the help.
Malisa Fuss@Los Angeles Read More
If you are looking for a puppy you will be comfortable with, then you are in the right place. Compound Exotics has been soo much helpful, they breed the best Hedgehog hedgehogs i have ever seen. Very affectionate hedgehogs and well taken care of. Thanks.
Alfonso Mate@Ontario Read More
Traveling across borders to fly my puppy is very appealing. Thank you for dedicating time to do all that. Thanks, they arrived safe and sound. Thanks again
Delisa Siren@Texas Read More
This has been a very bad year for me, i divorced my husband and my kids were taken away from me. Getting “john” this time has helped me heal a lot and overcome all my struggles.
Kortney Rogol@Kentucky Read More
Thank you for helping me get this beautiful girl. She has been a reason my family has rebonded again. We all play and pet her. She has a good temperament, loves curdles and jumps a lot. Thanks for the recommendations.
Romeo Chery@Ohio Read More
I have adopted two Hedgehog hedgehogs from you guys and all are very beautiful and affectionate. They play a lot and sometimes i think am not playing enough with them. The moment i walk into the house it’s all fun and joy. They brighten up my home. Thank you very much.
Lavelle Ciraco@Missouri Read More
Having a Hedgehog puppy at home is very nice. My boy “Didi” has been my son’s best friend ever since. He looks after him all the time and sometimes he sneaks into his bed to curdle.
Marinda Gauron@Pennslyvania Read More
Compound Exotics has been very helpful, my puppy faced some issues a while back and with all the help you gave me she has been amazing. The food you recommended was very helpful in making her trust me even more. Thanks.
Roselia Dembek@wisconsin Read More
I am so pleased with you guys. Though i faced some issues with the pet cargo it was quickly resolved and i got my girl in no time. Thanks for the help and the service is top-notch.
Sandy Mccord@Los Angeles Read More
My heart goes to you guys for the good and beautiful work you have been doing. I adopted my first puppy from you guys and since then it has been a bundle of joy.
Rosalee Broady@Maine Read More
Every day i look at my boy “Dink” I’m soo happy i made the decision. From that time i have been very happy. Thank you for all the help you have shown me. Thank you very much.
Latonia Card@Clifton Read More
You guys are the best when it comes to Hedgehog hedgehogs. After searching for a reputable breeder and came across you guys. After a long talk. I got one puppy. Thanks.
Ellis Ayars@Fresno Read More
I faced some difficulties with delivery. The pet cargo was very helpful and was very consoling to defuse the situation.
Lucile Osby@Aurora Read More
My daughter has been very happy ever since i got her first puppy. It’s been love all through.
Palmer and James Beattie@Derby Read More
Our family is very grateful for all the help and support you gave us. We thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your beautiful hedgehogs. Thank you very much.
Brenda@Houston Read More
This is Chewie I renamed him! We love him! Only 4 days now and spoiled already. I’m so glad I found him. Thanks,!
Vickie and Ira S@Ohio Read More
We just picked up our second pup and are overjoyed once again! Their pups are healthy, well socialized, and practically train themselves. You can’t go wrong with Compound Exotics. I am sticking with them for all my hedgehogs.