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–Top 10 things you must know before you buy a chinchilla (chinchillas for sale) in 2024.

Brought into the united states from their native homeland of chile in the 1920s, they have come a long way with about 5 million households in the united states having them as pets.

We think it is worth knowing that chinchillas have about 80 hairs per follicle for point of reference humans have just about 2 to 4 hairs in some follicles and it can be as little as 1 in some.

If you intend to get a chinchilla for your kid it should be for your older kids, ages 8 to 13. Keep in mind chinchillas live a very long life for their size, they can live for up to 20.

Before you buy a pet chinchilla (chinchillas for sale) there are a couple of things that one must keep in mind, therefore there is no need for you to be in a hurry, before you check out our available chinchillas for sale above do well too, first of all, get to know these beautiful pets first;

–Before you go ahead and buy a chinchilla (chinchillas for sale) you must know they require a bath but it is not what you think.

It is healthy for your chinchilla to bathe everything day or at least thrice times a week. Not using water though, water can clump up its fur. Also, water could cause it to lose body heat rapidly living you chinchilla venerable to diseases.

Instead, of using water for its bath, dust should be used which gives it the name dust bath (specially formulated powder). It helps to dry up excess oil in its fur and also to absorb dirt leaving the fur looking its best and healthy.

Therefore this is a very important step before you ahead to buy a chinchilla or before you check out our available chinchillas for sale online above.

–Most Chinchillas For Sale (Buy Chinchillas) Out There Have Just Not Yet Been Domesticated For Long Enough.

This is where there is an advantage in regards to the chinchillas we offer for sale online, our chinchillas were not captured from the wild. They have been domesticated (parents were all pets) for years now so they already have a tolerance for humans.

That does not mean there will not be any work on your part, it simply means you get a head start when it comes to bonding with your furry friend.

Also, it is worth noting that our chinchillas on sale are all young therefore the bonding process will be easier which will save you from a lot of stress and headache. The proverb you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is not always true but it does apply to an extent.


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Chinchilla For Sale
Chinchilla For Sale