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Ball Pythons

Do you know how ball pythons got their name? It’s their ability to roll themselves just like a ball and hence hide when they feel frightened. It will be wonderful to have a pet ball python and it will thrive when given proper care. 

They usually live between 20 and 30 years, but some have been noted to live longer. They grow approximately one foot each year for the first three years, and then there is a sharp decline in their growth rate. The ball pythons reach their adult size at about 3 years of age. And if adequately looked after, they have the potential to last for 30 years or even more! 

Therefore, while choosing any ball python for sale, make sure that you check the breeder thoroughly. Additionally, deal only with those that use only 100% captive breeding and those who do not endorse, sell and work with wild caught animals.

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A Ball Python Care Guide

Ball Python Habitat

 Baby ball pythons need a tank filled at least with 10-20 gallons of water. The adult ball python requires more spacious accommodation, which means that the size of their habitat must be increased accordingly to accommodate their growth. Every enclosure needs to be nicely ventilated and needs to have a secure safe lid screen to prevent the snake from escaping. 

 The ball python will attain its adult size around the third year. Adult ball python should be kept in the 40 gallons breeder tank or larger. Therefore, maximum habitat size should be provided. 

Ball Python Handling

 Many ball pythons are calm and put up with getting handled once they are introduced to people. However, it should be noted that even like any other snakes, they may strike if they are ill, stressed or threatened. Occasionally, snakes mistake human hands as a food source. It is more common in the shedding periods when the eye caps (clear scales) covering the snake’s eyes are losing and obstruct vision. Snakes should be approached always with care and without much noise and disturbing should be limewashed when they are in the process of shedding. 

Temperature Check

The toughest side of being a snake owner lies in the creation of proper conditions that will allow your pet to live. Because reptiles are cold-blooded you will need to ensure the suitable heat is on. Highly recommended temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit for the basking area in the tank and 78 degrees Fahrenheit for the cooler area are a normal range. The humidity level would be normal between 40% to 60%; it should be raised to 70% humidity when the snake is preparing to shed its skin. 

Lighting Setup For A Ball Python

Since ball pythons are crepuscular, their most active times of day are during the dawn and dusk hours. There are many who may argue that this indicates that ball pythons do not require any additional illumination; nonetheless, we would suggest providing a light cycle that is 12 hours on and 12 hours off in order to simulate the natural habitat in which the ball python lives.

In contrast to the use of colored heat lamps, the natural temperature decrease that occurs at night for Ball Pythons is more beneficial to their health. If you are experiencing temperature decreases below 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night, you can use a ceramic heat emitter, deep heat projector, or radiant heat panel to boost the ambient temperature. These devices do not give a visible light spectrum, which will disrupt the circadian cycle of your animal.

Feeding your Ball Python

Regular feedings of frozen rodents are recommended for your ball python. Adults will eat once every week or two, and a large rat will generally be enough; juveniles need to eat once a week, ideally mice or little rats. Generally speaking, the prey should be the same size as the snake’s middle body or broadest region. It could be required to try different prey sizes. Always choose the smaller alternative if in question.

A dead or frozen meal is preferable to live prey since the latter can readily retaliate and injure your snake. Never thaw a mouse in your kitchen or dining area; instead, you should use a microwave to defrost it to a little over room temperature. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your snake from confusing your hand for food by using an enclosure or separate feeding tank. This may result in an unintentional bite.

Things you Must Check for a Ball Python

  • Adequately sized aquariums (10-20 gallons for juveniles; 40+ gallons for adults) should be provided.
  • Heat emitter
  • Water dish
  • Hideaway box
  • Suitable plants
  • Heat fixture
  • UV light emitter
  • Feeding tongs
  • Thermometers
  • Thermostat
  • Humidity gauge
  • Frozen rodents

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