Fun and Unique Pet Ferret Names

pet ferret names

When people think of cuddly pets, generally they think of animals such as cats and dogs. While it is true that cats and dogs make fantastic pets, it turns out that there are heaps of other animals out there just begging to be explored, that would make equally as lovable pets. 

People can have all manner of slightly less-common pets, with lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats being prime examples of this. Another slightly more unusual pet, yet one which is incredibly fun, loyal, and loving is a ferret.

Ferrets are domesticated members of the European polecat family. They are small, furry, and have elongated bodies, reaching about 20 inches in length, though the males are typically larger than the females. Ferrets come in a variety of different colors, including brown, white, black, or a combination in a variety of different patterns.

Whereas ferrets were initially bred for hunting rabbits, they are now much more domesticated and make very popular pet choices.

If you want a fun and unusual pet, ferrets are ideal. To help you name your furry companion, here’s a look at several fun and unique pet ferret names.

General Pet Ferret Names

To begin with, keeping things nice and easy, we’ll stick with some general pet ferret names. These are the types of names you’d expect a furry pet to be called. 

Just like typical dog names include things like Fido, and Rex, and cat names include Felix and Tiddles, here are some general pet ferret names for you to consider:

  1. Gizmo 
  2. Zippy 
  3. Noodle 
  4. Muppet 
  5. Fez 
  6. Bouncy 
  7. Speedy 
  8. Bootsy 
  9. Fluffy (if he/she is really fluffy, or ironically if he/she has very little fur)
  10. Nibbles 
  11. Nibbler (if he/she is fond of biting)
  12. Roland 
  13. Bandit 
  14. Blaze 
  15. Wiggles 
  16. Cuddles 
  17. Flash 
  18. Harry (if he/she is an escape artist, I.E Harry Houdini) 
  19. Boomer 
  20. Preppy 
  21. Chase 
  22. Vixen 
  23. Rocky
  24. Belle
  25. Bella 
  26. Ella 
  27. Dot 
  28. Happy 
  29. Grump 
  30. Slinky 
  31. Playful 
  32. Smiler 
  33. Biscuit 
  34. Butters 
  35. Dusty 
  36. Smoky 
  37. Sammy 
  38. Teddy 
  39. Basil

Fun Ferret Names

Life is often too serious, and sometimes we need to lighten up and inject a little humor into our lives. 

If you like to have fun and joke around and you’re looking for a fun name for your pet ferret that people aren’t meant to take too seriously, here are several fun ferret names for you to mull over:

  1. Ferrety McFerret Face
  2. Mr or Mrs. Ferretsworth 
  3. Mr or Mrs. Business 
  4. Ian 
  5. Bitey McBiterson
  6. Freddy Ferret 
  7. Polly Polecat
  8. Keith 
  9. Dave 
  10. Kevin 
  11. Steve
  12. Sandra 
  13. Kelly
  14. Beryl 
  15. Gertrude
  16. Boomer 
  17. Mr or Mrs. Zoomies
  18. Farnsworth 
  19. Penelope 
  20. Beyonce 
  21. Rabbit Destroyer 
  22. Slenderman or Slenderwoman (because of their long shape)
  23. Kevin Ferretline (or K-Fet short)
  24. Trouble 
  25. Geralt 
  26. Borat 
  27. Chuck Norris

Ferret Names for Pairs

As many ferret owners will tell you, owning just one ferret isn’t enough. Sometimes your elongated furry friend will want another elongated furry companion, which is why you’ll often find ferrets in pairs, or even trios. 

If you’ve two or more ferrets and you’re looking for some fun and unique ferret names for pairs, the following should be very useful:

  1. Salt and pepper 
  2. Fish and chips 
  3. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore (Yes, we know that that’s a trio, but come on, everyone loves The Chipmunks)
  4. Rick and Morty 
  5. Cow and chicken 
  6. Beyonce and Jay Z 
  7. Ben and Jerry 
  8. Joey and Chandler 
  9. Chandler and Monica 
  10. Ross and Rachael 
  11. Phoebe and Mike 
  12. Bonnie and Clyde 
  13. Jesse and James 
  14. Maverick and Goose 
  15. Maverick and Iceman 
  16. Walker and Texas Ranger 
  17. Adam and Eve 
  18. Peter and Lois 
  19. Walt and Jesse 
  20. Badger and Skinny Pete 
  21. Brian and Stewie 
  22. Homer and Marge 
  23. Beavis and Butthead 
  24. Dale and Brennan 
  25. Spongebob and Patrick 
  26. Woody and Buzz

Pet Ferret Names for Black Ferrets

As mentioned, ferrets come in a variety of different colors and patterns, yet black ferrets are surprisingly rare, and are incredibly beautiful. 

If you’re a black ferret and aren’t sure what to call him or her, check out these pet ferret names for black ferrets and you’ll soon be inspired.

  1. Midnight 
  2. Shadow 
  3. Nightshade 
  4. Smoke 
  5. Black beauty 
  6. Raven 
  7. Edgar (As in Edgar Allan Poe)
  8. Rook 
  9. Cosmos 
  10. Ebony 
  11. Jet 
  12. Oreo (if he/she has some white on them) 
  13. Artemis 
  14. Star 
  15. Aurora 
  16. Kraken (After the black spiced rum) 
  17. Ash 
  18. Puma 
  19. Nova (or Supernova if your ferret is particularly zoomy) 
  20. Dusk 
  21. Twilight

Horror Inspired Pet Ferret Names

Lately, we’ve seen a trend of more and more people naming their pets after their favorite horror movies, novels, authors, or characters. 

While we’ve already listed a couple of names that would go with our spooky theme (Raven and Edgar for example) here are some more fun horror inspired pet ferret names.

  1. Jack Skellington 
  2. Vlad 
  3. Drac
  4. Dracula 
  5. Pennywise 
  6. Sweeny Todd 
  7. Burton (As in Tim Burton) 
  8. JC (As in John Carpenter) 
  9. Ripley (In honor of Alien’s Ellen Ripley, played by the amazing Sigourney Weaver) 
  10. Whitby (Another Dracula theme there) 
  11. Freddy 
  12. Jason 
  13. Carrie 
  14. Johnny (Here’s Johnny!) 
  15. Stephen, King, or Stephen King 
  16. Bane 
  17. Count 
  18. Countess 
  19. Psiren 
  20. Banshee 
  21. Bram 
  22. Wednesday 
  23. Gomez 
  24. Morticia 
  25. Pugsley 
  26. Fester 
  27. Damien 
  28. Regan 
  29. Neagan 
  30. Igor 
  31. Rosemary (Rosemary’s Baby reference)
  32. Baltimore

Ferret Names for White Ferrets

White ferrets are also gorgeous to look at, and they tend to be an amazing, brilliant shade of white that really brings out their eyes and enhances their features. 

If you’re the proud owner of a new cuddly white ferret and you aren’t sure what to name them, these ferret names for white ferrets will surely help.

  1. Snowy 
  2. Snow 
  3. Ghost 
  4. Starlight 
  5. Moonlight 
  6. Twinkle 
  7. Luna 
  8. Snowdrop 
  9. Alaska 
  10. Vanilla 
  11. Latte 
  12. Cotton 
  13. Blizzard 
  14. Marshmallow 
  15. Silver 
  16. Buttermilk 
  17. Butterbeer 
  18. Daisy 
  19. Aslan 
  20. Diamond 
  21. Ivory 
  22. Snowflake 
  23. Snowball 
  24. Snowman 
  25. Elsa 
  26. Olaf

Brown Ferret Names

Brown ferrets may be the most common, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. 

Here are some brown ferret names that should turn a few heads:

  1. Chocolate 
  2. Cookie 
  3. Coco 
  4. Mocha 
  5. Coffee 
  6. Moose 
  7. Bear 
  8. Pepper 
  9. Peanut 
  10. Honey 
  11. Bruno 
  12. Yogi 
  13. Nutmeg 
  14. Hazel 
  15. Willow 
  16. Bourbon 
  17. Hickory 
  18. Buster 
  19. Charlie (As in Charlie Brown) 
  20. Rusty

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