Gargoyle Gecko Care – Handy Tips for New Gargoyle Gecko Owners

Gargoyle Gecko Care

If you’re looking for a pet that offers something different from the usual cute and cuddly furry pets commonly seen in households all over the globe, how about a gecko? Specifically, how about a gargoyle gecko? 

Don’t let the name fool you, these reptiles are ridiculously cute and make fantastic pets, yet when it comes to gargoyle gecko care, they do require special care and attention when compared with some other pets, and even some reptiles. 

Native to the tropical rainforests of New Caledonia between Australia and Fiji, gargoyle geckos are ideal for those new to reptile ownership as they are far less maintenance than a lot of other reptiles. When it comes down to crested gecko vs gargoyle gecko care for example, you’ll find that gargoyle geckos are much easier to care for. 

If you’re wondering are gargoyle geckos easy to care for? The answer to that question is not simple. Despite being a low maintenance pet, these cute little lizards still need to be looked after properly which is why we’re looking at this gargoyle gecko care sheet today. Here are several tips on gargoyle gecko care for new gargoyle gecko owners.

Don’t let them get too warm

As far as how to take care of a gargoyle gecko is concerned, one of the first things you need to learn when you start looking after one of these creatures is not to keep them too warm. 

Gargoyle geckos, like other reptiles, are cold blooded, which means that they need to be kept warm. They do not however, need to be kept as warm as other reptiles. Optimally, gargoyle geckos should be provided with a basking area of around 24 degrees C, (75F). Any warmer, and the reptile can become stressed. 

One of the best ways of keeping a gargoyle gecko warm is to fit a heating mat to one of the glass side panels on the lizard’s enclosure. Set the mat to 75F (24C) and one side of the enclosure will remain at that temperature consistently. The great thing about using a mat is the fact that no additional heat is generated, as is the case with a heat bulb. 

Speaking of bulbs however, experts also recommend UVB lighting mounted above the terrarium to help the little critter feel more at home. 

When it comes to temp, don’t leave anything to chance, so go ahead and invest in a decent thermometer so you can monitor the temp of your gecko’s enclosure at all times.

Remember that gargoyle geckos love to climb

When compiling any gargoyle gecko care sheet, it is also important to remember climbing in terms of how to care for gargoyle geckos. 

Gargoyle geckos love to climb. Out in the wild, you’ll find these geckos in tropical rainforests. One thing you’re guaranteed to find in a forest is lots of trees. Trees which gargoyle geckos love to climb. 

To help your reptile friend feel more at home, experts recommend adding plenty of hardwood decorations to your reptile’s home, secured firmly in place of varying heights, to give the critter plenty of things to climb. 

Gargoyle geckos spend most of their time off the ground, so make sure their enclosure has plenty of “branches” for them to scale. You should also offer at least some shade and coverage, even though these reptiles aren’t particularly fond of hiding.

Don’t forget the humidity

Another very important consideration in terms of gargoyle gecko care, is humidity. 

As mentioned, gargoyle geckos thrive naturally in tropical rainforest environments. Tropical rainforest environments are not only warm, they’re also very humid. Because of this, no gargoyle gecko care guide would be complete without emphasising the importance of humidity. 

Gargoyle geckos need humidity. To be specific, they need humidity levels of between 60% and 80%. To help increase the amount of humidity in your gecko’s enclosure, a good quality mister should be purchased, along with a hygrometer/thermometer to monitor the temp and moisture in there.

Ensure your gecko has plenty of space

No creature should be confined to a small space, no matter how small or inactive it may be. When it comes to how to care for a gargoyle gecko, ensure you give them plenty of room. 

When housing your gargoyle gecko, a basic, yet very important gargoyle gecko care tip, is to invest in a good-sized terrarium. Even though these geckos only grow to around 4.5 inches in size, they still need plenty of room. 

At minimum, we recommend an enclosure which is around 20 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 24 inches in height.

Choose the right substrate

Most gargoyle gecko care guide documents overlook the importance of substrate, and that is a real shame. Even though your gecko will spend most of its time off the ground, you still need to ensure you choose the right substrate for the enclosure. 

For a natural look, opt for a soil mix with a peat moss base which is free of perlite. Coconut fiber pulp (Coir) mixed with soil is also great for growing live plants. 

Be wary of reptile carpet as this can harbour a lot of harmful bacteria and result in unsanitary conditions unless you’re willing to clean and use a reptile-friendly disinfectant every single day.

Feed your gecko the right foods

Because crested geckos and gargoyle geckos are similar, people assume that they can be fed the same things as one another. When it comes to crested gecko vs gargoyle gecko care however, you need to remember that there are differences. 

Gargoyle geckos for example, prefer diets richer in insects than crested geckos. As far as diet goes, gargoyle geckos are omnivores so will eat a combination of live and dried insects, fruits, and some vegetation. 

Brown crickets are great and are easy to catch, as are locusts and black crickets. You can even treat your gecko now and then, to waxworms or mealworms. Don’t overfeed them these however, as they are fattier and harder to digest. Once or twice a week should do. 

As for the fruit, a simple fruit powder mix will suffice. You can even purchase specialised gargoyle gecko diet mixes. 

You should also dust your gecko’s live food with calcium, vitamin, and mineral powders.

Ensure your gecko has water

Finally, when talking about gargoyle gecko care, you must ensure your gecko has a fresh water source. 

Even though these geckos will usually drink water droplets from leaves and foliage (another reason to ensure you have a mister in their enclosure) you should also provide a shallow bowl full of drinking water. 

Even though your gecko may not drink from it, in terms of how to take care of a gargoyle gecko it’s still a very important to remember that your gargoyle gecko needs a shallow source of fresh water, changed daily, just to be sure.

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